An Altar of Stories to Liminal Saints

05/23/23 from Broken River Books

The new year is here and I’m very excited for 2023. I’ll have a new book out! An Altar of Stories to Liminal Saints will be out on 05/23/23 from Broken River Books. It contains really weird genre-blending stories that I had a lot of fun writing. The stories deal with birth, motherhood, friendships, strange creatures, and unexplainable phenomena.

I’m also leading some writing workshops (I will share more info soon) and traveling around the US with my son so he can see the forest and the ocean for the first time.

I hope 2023 brings all of you beauty and creative time to make art in all of its forms.

Happy New Year!

Leo Thoughts: LOST edition

Photo of a Portal found on Twitter

My family has been recovering from COVID. I was the last one to get it. I feel as though someone has kicked me down a hill and I rolled all the way to the bottom and slammed into a wall. The aches are no joke. This truly sucks. It’s day 4 and I’m wrapped in my BTS blanket because my chills don’t seem to be going away.

While sick, I’ve been continuing my re-watch of the show LOST. For me, this show came out when I was going through a journey of self-discovery. I was finally fully rejecting Christianity and realizing that I was definitely not straight. I also found out that not everyone you come across will like you. This period in my life was bumpy and weird and complex and I couldn’t help but think of it when I initially started watching.

At this point in my life, I’m watching from the space of being a mother, the space of knowing how to evaluate storytelling better, but also appreciating all the hotties on the show. This isn’t a serious rewatch. It’s for fun. It’s for the memories.

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2016: The Year in Becoming Fearless

This year, The Pulse between Dimensions and the Desert was nominated for a Wonderland Award for Best Collection and it won! I set up my little online shop, did a bunch of readings and wrote new fiction. This is compilation of podcasts, online articles, reviews and fiction I had published online and in some badass anthologies.


2016: The Year in becoming Fearless
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2015: A Year in Bruja Magic

2015 was a wonderful year in mi mundo. My first short story collection was published and released via Ladybox Books. I read all over the U.S. (Los Angeles, San Antonio, New York City, Austin, Minneapolis) and I met so many incredible hardworking activists, artists and folx in the Lit Community.

I met a queen (Sandra Cisneros) this year. I was really sick and I could barely speak. I cried and I don’t know if she will ever know how much her work means to so many xicanas. 

Here is the year in review:
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Late Updates: TPBDATD On The Monitor

On this edition of super mega late updates: The Pulse Between Dimensions and The Desert was given a shout-out on The Monitor!

David Bowles describes it as “a powerful exploration of Latina womanhood, shifting geographies, perspectives, languages and genre in a masterfully managed kaleidoscope.” Read the rest of the article HERE.