Leo Thoughts: LOST edition

Photo of a Portal found on Twitter

My family has been recovering from COVID. I was the last one to get it. I feel as though someone has kicked me down a hill and I rolled all the way to the bottom and slammed into a wall. The aches are no joke. This truly sucks. It’s day 4 and I’m wrapped in my BTS blanket because my chills don’t seem to be going away.

While sick, I’ve been continuing my re-watch of the show LOST. For me, this show came out when I was going through a journey of self-discovery. I was finally fully rejecting Christianity and realizing that I was definitely not straight. I also found out that not everyone you come across will like you. This period in my life was bumpy and weird and complex and I couldn’t help but think of it when I initially started watching.

At this point in my life, I’m watching from the space of being a mother, the space of knowing how to evaluate storytelling better, but also appreciating all the hotties on the show. This isn’t a serious rewatch. It’s for fun. It’s for the memories.

This is not going to be an interpretation on the show because like I said, I have COVID, and I’m not trying to write a book on LOST. I think the writers gave themselves away from the beginning. Our friends were dead.

My thoughts when I first started rewatching

I had this thought as I woke up in a cold sweat from my fever: LOST & The Walking Dead crossover!! Can you imagine Rick on the island? Can you imagine the others as walkers?!

I have a soft spot for Claire now. I remember when I first watched, I wasn’t sympathetic to her situation and thought she was annoying. After being pregnant and knowing the undeniable connection after giving birth, I feel for her.

My son is 15 months and I think it’s sweet that he still finds my soft belly comforting. It’s one way I get him to nap. He’ll place his head of golden curls on my belly and start to relax. Birth is truly wild. It took me 32 hours to get him earth side and even through the exhaustion of getting him here, as soon as he was placed on my chest all I felt was an overwhelming warmth and then hearing his little whimper turn into a cry, all I could say was “Hi Gus, it’s okay, it’s okay” I knew Gus would change me.

Once Claire has that baby (I haven’t got to the episode yet) it will change her.

So far, my favorite scenes are from the island. I wish there was a LOST version where we don’t switch to the backstories. I thought the scene where Sawyer and Kate find the two dead passengers in the swimming hole was great. It goes from them exploring and being flirtatious into day horror. Boone’s psychedelic run in with the smoke monster was really neat. Shannon being carried off is terrifying.

I changed my mind on the parallel storytelling: I think Hurley’s backstory is interesting and I’m surprised he never ran into anyone who believed the numbers were cursed.

I watched Claire give birth and of course all I can think of is, why didn’t jack explain the placenta will come after the baby? Are there birth scenes that include giving birth to the placenta in movies or shows? Does it cost too much to create a placenta? The show makes birth beautiful and simple after Claire accepts that she’s having her son. I wonder if the island would have caused her birth to be difficult if she didn’t believe she could do it. Also, birth scenes always make me cry now.

I couldn’t remember exactly how Boone died, but holy shit! Jack did not have to go into “savior” mode like that? He basically made Boone suffer by keeping him barely conscious. It made my skin crawl. Also, what an asshole! Truly, he better think about how he talks to Sun. I’m telling Jin.

That’s my nonsense recap and what I could remember from season one. Okay! Besos!

2 thoughts on “Leo Thoughts: LOST edition

  1. Dear Rios,

    Congratulations on your child. Your life details have escaped my knowledge lung since.

    I’m glad your seem to be doing very well and are happy.

    I’m ok, although in hospice now, at home with the dogs I love more than anything else. I’m glad I got a chance to know you and hear the tales of you and your granny.

    Best wishes.



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