Upcoming Events & Writing Workshops

Happy 2019! I just wanted to make a quick update on the three writing workshops I will be teaching this winter.

On January 19th, I will be teaching in El Paso, TX at the Memorial Park Library. it will be a short and sweet workshop and I will be reading some of my fiction and non-fiction.

I will be reading at LibroMobile Bookstore in Santa Ana on March 19th!

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I will be teaching a generative writing workshop in Santa Ana, CA on March 20th. All scholarships are spoken for, but I am definitely willing to accommodate to anyone for a lower cost!

Class description: A generative writing workshop with Rios de la Luz. In this workshop we will create flash non-fiction and fiction pieces by diving into the history of our bodies. This 5 hour class will dive into exploration of dreamscapes and the liminal as spaces where weird stories can begin. We will discuss small rituals and affirmations as a part of the writing process. We will explore our bodies as maps and geographic relics of stories. Instructor will provide feedback for one flash fiction piece via email after the workshop is done.

Email me at interstellarbrujaworkshop@gmail.com if you have any questions.


I am also teaching in Portland, OR with the spectacular Stephanie Adams-Santos on March 23rd. I am thrilled to be back with the Corporeal Writing crew. They have helped elevate my writing and I can’t wait to do the same for others.

Class description: This daylong writing retreat, carved in the auspicious hours of an early spring Saturday, offers a sacred space for creative exploration and generative musings centered around the body. By magical and playful means, we will nudge our way into the glistering territories of the body to discover what is there. Flash-fiction, poetry, and fertile fragments of language will be among the treasures. Writers of all disciplines and levels are welcome.

You can register HERE.


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