Interstellar Bruja Vol. 2 Preview

Recently, I have been working on experimental fiction and non-fiction pieces. I have compiled my new works into Interstellar Bruja Vol. 2. I wrote on break-ups, friendship, queerness, being brown and weird, trauma, and moving on from toxic people.

You can purchase my zines at 

Here is a preview:

Interstellar Bruja Vol. 2 by Rios de la Luz

I saw a light by Rios de la Luz (originally published at Corporeal Clamor) 
image1 (6).jpeg
Nacimiento by Rios de la Luz 
Criatura by Rios de la Luz 

Fall is when my brain turns back into writer mode. It’s exciting and scary, but I manage to push through the fear. I look forward to sharing more of my work with y’all. Also, sharing the past K-dramas that have grasped my attention. So Ji Sub is BACK and I am loving it. Hehe.

Love and Abrazos,


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