Top 20 K-POP Songs of 2017

2018 is upon us. It has been a wonderful year for K-POP in my little Rios world. I want to share two of my fave K-POP moments from Texas: 1. I met Taeyang and I saw him live in concert! (Aaaaahhhh!!) 2. I was driving home from an interview and the radio was blasting a K-POP song! I screamed because I’m a dork but it was such a neat moment for me. (It was BTS: Mic Drop) It was so cool to hear it on the radio in Texas.

Anyway, this is my personal top 20 list for K-POP songs from 2017:

20. SEVENTEEN: (세븐틴) – 울고 싶지 않아 (Don’t Wanna Cry)

This song will get stuck in your head forever.

19. Apink: Five

This is such a lovely song. Their voices are delightful and Eun-ji, Bomi and Son Na-eun have won me over via K Dramas.

18. Monsta X: Dramarama

17. Wanna One: (워너원) – 에너제틱 (Energetic)

This song is so much fun and these young men can siiing.

16. Chung Ha: Why Don’t You Know

15. Super Junior: Black Suit

This song is so catchy and Siwon holds a special place in my heart.

14. KNK: 해, 달, 별 (Sun, Moon, Star)

13. B.A.P.: Honeymoon

This is a feel good song for me. Also, the video is beautiful.

12. TWICE: Knock Knock

This song reminds me of dancing in Itaewon and walking around Namdaemun Market. It makes me feel nostalgic and of course because it’s a TWICE song, it will get stuck in your head for the rest of your life.

11. Red Velvet: 레드벨벳 ‘피카부 (Peekaboo)

This song is so much fun. I always love everything Red Velvet puts out. You should def watch all of their music videos.

10. EXID:(이엑스아이디)] 덜덜덜(DDD) 뮤직 비디오

9. GOT7: Paradise

8. WINNER: Island

I love WINNER. Their songs are addictive.

7. Exo: 엑소 ‘Ko Ko Bop’

Exo is one of my favorite groups, period. Their vocals are always on point.

6. K.A.R.D.: Don’t Recall

I was introduced to K.A.R.D. this year and I fell in love with their music. Their songs make me want to move my hips and go out dancing.

5. WINNER: Really Really

As I mentioned before, I love WINNER. When I first heard this song, it was so refreshing and mellow and wonderful and it makes me really happy.

4. BTS: (방탄소년단) ‘DNA’

BTS is a new group to me. I kept hearing so much about them so, I watched their AMA performance and then I went down a BTS rabbit hole and fell in love with their music. I love the vibe of this song and this video is gorgeous.

3. Sunmi: Gashina

This song is fierce and wonderful and it made me fall in love with Sunmi.


I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to this song. BLACKPINK does not disappoint.

1. Taeyang: Darling

Taeyang’s White Night was one of my favorite albums of the year. I love his voice and have loved every album he’s put out.

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