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I am currently busy working on my upcoming novella, Itzá. It will be released on September 15th of 2017 via Broken River Books. There will more info to come, lo prometo.

Writing News: I was featured in Nightmare Magazine in the March! I wrote about the solidarity I feel with Sadako from Ringu and Mitsuko from Dark Water and how it relates to childhood trauma and sleep paralysis. It was an honor to be featured on The H Word.

K Drama News: I finished watching Goblin and I loved it so hard. I highly recommend it if you are into mystical love stories. The bromance is wonderful. It made me existential multiple times because it deals with death and past lives. I cried so many times. The acting was phenomenal. It linked the lives of the characters very well. It was a gorgeous viewing experience. I will most likely watch it again once I am done writing Itzá.

Image from Dramafever

Another K Drama recommendation: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo. Ugh, such a cute K Drama. It also has an atypical male lead. He is kind to his romantic interest from the very start. He is such a sweet lead. Their friendship is stellar and it grows naturally from there. Kim Bok-Joo is a spunky young woman who stands up for herself when she needs to and someone who loves her family with all of her being. I loved her character so much. I recommend this drama if you want to watch something uplifting with a sprinkle of heart wrenching moments.

Image from Dramafever


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