Top 5 movies of 2016

According to me, a newly ordained spooky puta. (FYI: there are still so many films in my mental queue. I will get to them eventually) Here are my top five.

5. The Invitation

Tense as fuck. It took an emotional toll on me.

4. Train to Busan

Emotional rollercoaster. I cried three times. Action packed as fuck. Gong Yoo is my boyfriend and he’s dreamy. The end.

3. Into the Inferno

Interesting as fuck. Gorgeous. I wish Werner Herzog had a landline like Alan Moore so I could call him and talk to him for hours.

2. The Handmaiden

Park Chan-wook is my favorite director. This movie was so god damn gorgeous and the women win! Their love wins. I loved this movie so much.

1. The Wailing

I used this image so you could see all the emotions you will experience once you watch this. Disturbing as fuck. Gorgeous as fuck. A god damn majestic 3 hour cinematic experience. Spooky as fuck. I loved it.

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