Currently Watching: Scholar Who Walks the Night


After crying through the last episode of Oh My Ghostess from saying goodbye to Shin Soon Ae, I started looking for another drama to fill the void and BAM Scholar Who Walks the Night appeared.

Full disclosure: because of my lack of vampire enthusiasm, I wasn’t sure I would like this drama at all. Then I saw Gwi and I know this is mega superficial but I don’t care, Gwi is so fucking beautiful. Like, can he please stop looking like a god every time he’s in the emerald lighting of his cave. FUCK.

can he calm down please
                                                             Can he calm down???

Anyway, the story is about a super villain vampire (Gwi) who runs the country in his underground lair. The hero and other vampire in the story is Kim Sung Yeol. He lost his first love at the hands of Gwi and he is one of the only beings on the planet who can destroy the super villain.

soo hyang
                                                                               Soo Hyang

Of course, there’s a love story intertwined in between the action scenes and the  rising tensions.

My favorite character is Soo Hyang. I think she has been one of the most powerful roles in the series. She tricks Gwi into trusting her and similar to Yang Sun, she wants to do what is best for the country. She understands politics and she understands how to utilize her role to have agency. I think she’s a badass.

I am currently on episode 18 and I am looking forward to seeing what happens to the king and queen and what Kim Sung Yeol and Yang Sun decide to do about being in love with each other in spite of you know, the dude being a vampire.

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