Currently watching: Oh My Ghostess


Thoughts: I am caught up to episode 10 and I have so many conflicting feelings about what is happening. UGH. I really love Soon Ae and I understand why she’s fallen for Sun Woo, BUT GURL YOU ARE DEAD.
She expresses her concerns to the fortune teller and I was basically crying with her, but it kills me a little inside that we aren’t getting to know who Na Bong Sun really is. Na Bong Sun has some agency in the show because she consented to being possessed, but Soon Ae is being greedy.

If folks find out the truth (including Sun Woo) what do we think their reactions will be? Bong Sun will be rejected and people will get mad at her because they can’t get mad at a ghost. I dunno, I don’t think Bong Sun is deserving of that, but that’s the K drama vida right?

Of course, as any K Drama lover understands, if there is sweetness of any kind in the beginning of a drama, it means shit is about to spiral downward and we won’t be ready. I won’t be ready. I know we are going to have to say goodbye to Soon Ae and settling her grudge has nothing to do with her virginity. It has to do with creepy killer cop bro. Every scene with him in it gives me indigestion for reals.

cop and bong sun

Back to the sweetness though: Sun Woo and Bong Sun are terribly adorable. It hurts me, how sweet their scenes are. Their glances and hand holding is too fucking cute to handle sometimes like I have to pause the show and pace around for a bit to process the sweetness I just watched.

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