Currently Watching: Oh My Ghostess


I started watching Oh My Ghostess a couple weeks ago.

So far, my favorite characters are the extroverted Shin Soon-Ae and Kang Sun-Woo’s longtime friend Lee So-Hyeong. I am also falling in love with Sun-Woo’s corgi friend because he is presh and can definitely see ghosts. I am looking forward to seeing the dynamics between Sun-Woo and “Na Bong-Sun” shift into potential romance. Is he going to fall for the ghost? Am I going to end up crying at the end? Will they DO IT? These are all questions I am invested in.

Over at Dramabeans you can read the recaps of episodes 1 through 4:

Episode 1.
Episode 2.
Episode 3.
Episode 4.

I really really love this drama and I hope it doesn’t break my heart too much.

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